Supply and equipment of mobile operating units

dłonie trzymające kabel w komputerze

Part of our company's offer is related to the supply of mobile operating units, as well as their equipment. We supply various systems and equipment that improve such elements as communication, information, traffic management. In addition, we also have radar equipment and simulators for mobile operating units, among others. We also handle installations of operating consoles.


Turnover of products and technology for military or police purposes

We are licensed to provide services in the area of trading in products and technology for military and police purposes. Concession No. B-062/2017 There are many types of products and technology for military or police purposes. Among these are:

  • weapons of mass destruction.
  • fire control equipment, warning and alarm equipment, control and measurement equipment.
  • ground vehicles and their components that have been specially designed or modified for military or police purposes.
  • military vessels, marine equipment and their parts designed for military purposes.
  • unmanned and manned aircraft, aerial power units.
  • electronic equipment designed for military or police purposes.
  • specialized training equipment.
  • equipment designed to mimic or protect against enemy movements.
  • directed energy weapon systems.
  • equipment using superconductivity or the phenomenon of cryogenics.
  • products and technologies for the protection of classified information.
  • armored and protective equipment.
  • equipment and technologies for manufacturing products