About us

biurka ze sprzętem komputerowym

Libras Electronic was founded in 2008 . In 2018, we celebrated our anniversary, 10 years in the market. We are constantly a growing company that aims to partially or comprehensively implement projects in the field of public transport infrastructure. We operate in the areas of the aviation, road and railroad industries.

We perform installation and assembly work and assist in the launch of projects implemented by leading technology corporations. This includes information, navigation, security and IT equipment and systems.
We mainly cooperate with international companies, acting on their behalf. We are eager to establish new contacts in the Polish and foreign markets, in order to jointly implement the intended projects. We have extensive experience in cooperation with local as well as global partners.

One of our key activities is the maintenance and administration of systems supporting the work of operational services working for the continuity of public transportation. We perform some outsourced tasks in close proximity to operational systems working on 24-hour operational continuity. Then, one of the top priorities of our work is the safety of the work of technical and operational personnel and the systems being supervised.

Strengths of our company:

  • We have extensive experience in the installation of public transport infrastructure equipment
  • We have technical personnel trained by licensed partners
  • Engineers and technicians are fluent in English
    We have a business license for the marketing of products and technology for military or police use. Concession No. B-062/2017