Installations of equipment and systems

urządzenie elektroniczneWe offer installations of equipment and systems used in public transportation infrastructure. We are primarily talking about radar and communications equipment, as well as information, recording and IT systems that are used for public transportation traffic management. We also install antennas on masts and towers. We install equipment and systems especially on behalf of the aviation, rail and road industries. Thanks to our extensive experience and appropriately qualified staff, we are able to provide the highest quality services in the installation of systems and equipment for public transportation.


ITS system for road transport

The staff of our company specializes in the installation of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) systems in road transportation, which can be divided into two types. The first is a traffic management system, and the second is a traffic management system for highways. The former system includes such elements as the automation of traffic surveillance systems, management in the street network, or toll collection. The second system includes, for example, traffic control systems at intersections, on DSR interstates, and in the DSR corridor.

We install ITS systems primarily to increase traffic safety. In addition, our solutions reduce travel time, which translates into lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, among other things. ITS also enables faster detection of the site of a traffic accident or road works in progress.