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Instalations and services of ATM systems - Libras Electronic

Modern technologies are the core business of Libras-Electronic of Warsaw, owned by Robert Syga. Libras Electronic was founded in 2008 . In 2018, we celebrated our anniversary, 10 years in the market. We are constantly a growing company that aims to partially or comprehensively implement projects in the field of public transport infrastructure. We operate in the areas of the aviation, road and railroad industries. We perform installation and assembly work and assist in the launch of projects implemented by leading technology corporations. This includes information, navigation, security and IT equipment and systems.


Provider of modern technologies in public transport

Installations of devices and systems

We install systems and devices used in public transport. We offer installation of aviation equipment, including radar, communication and information devices. We are also able to install IT systems for managing public transport.

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Installation of cover domes

Our employees undertake tasks related to the assembly of shielding domes. The domes we install are distinguished by surfaces with high electromagnetic penetration. In addition to assembly work, we also provide our clients with servicing of shielding domes.

Supplies and equipment of mobile operating units

Our company's offer also includes the supply and equipment of mobile operating units. We have a license to provide services related to the sale of products and technology for police or military purposes. You will find here various devices of operating units.

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Warranty service

We provide warranty service for all installations made by us, as well as for devices and systems supplied by us. In case of any problems, please contact our employees who will help you find a solution.

Technical consultancy

Our clients can count on specialized technical consultancy. Thanks to many years of experience and extensive knowledge, we can suggest which devices and systems should be used in the public transport infrastructure, in particular in aviation, railways and road transport.

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