Technical advice

uścisk dłoniWe offer expert technical advice in the area of systems and equipment used in public transport infrastructure, particularly in the air, rail and road sectors. With appropriately qualified, licensed and experienced technical personnel, we are able to assist during the implementation of various projects related to air, rail and road transportation. Our engineers and technicians are well versed in the specifications of all equipment and systems, so they know how they should be used to give the greatest benefit.

We are able to tailor individual components of systems and equipment to provide higher levels of security, better communication, information transfer or archiving.

Technical consulting in the area of public transport infrastructure includes not only the matching of appropriate elements. Specialists from our company also suggest how to carry out installation, assembly and service work, so that their implementation time is reduced and the results are satisfactory. If you would like to learn more about systems in public transportation, we invite you to contact us.