Support for public transport infrastructure 

Supporting public transportation infrastructure is the core business of our company. We are distinguished by many years of experience in this industry, and we have adequate technological facilities, qualified staff and excellent knowledge of air, rail and road transport. The detailed offer of our company includes:

  • radar equipment installations,
  • installations of communication equipment,
  • installations of information systems,
  • installations of IT systems for traffic management (air, rail, road),
  • installations of recording systems,
  • installations of simulators,
  • installation of shield radomes,
  • installations/deinstallations of antennas on masts and towers,
  • installations of operating consoles,
  • supply of mobile operating units,
  • equipment of mobile operating units,
  • warranty and post-warranty service of the above-mentioned systems,
  • technical consulting.

Some of the tasks entrusted to us are carried out in close proximity to operating systems that are constantly in operation. For this reason, we place great emphasis on the work safety of all technical and operational personnel.


With whom do we cooperate?

The activities of our company are based primarily on cooperation with foreign companies, although we are open to establishing new contacts with companies operating in the Polish and foreign markets. If you are engaged in the implementation of projects similar to our activities, we encourage you to start cooperation.

żółte kable

Installations of equipment and systems

montaż kopuły osłaniającej

Installation of shielding radomes

mężczyzna z komputerem

Supply and equipment of mobile operating units

osoba trzymająca skrzynkę z narzędziami

Warranty and post-warranty service

uścisk dłoni

Technical advice