Installation of shielding radomes

kopuła osłaniająca

Installation of shielding radomes is one of the basic services available from our company. The task of the shielding dome is to protect and control the electromagnetic field emitted by various devices. The domes we offer are characterized by the fact that their surface is distinguished by high electromagnetic permeability. Such objects are used, among other things, in the construction and installation of radar systems.

Shielding radomes are used in various fields. In aviation they are used to protect radars from adverse external factors - wind, snow, freezing rain. The domes supplied by our company are designed to weaken the electromagnetic signals received and sent by the radar as little as possible.


Specifications of shielding radomes

Shielding radomes available in our offer, can have different shapes, so we can easily adapt them to the needs of each customer. Radomes are often spherical in shape, although they also come in the form of a geodetic grid, for example. The shape of the dome affects the accumulation of dirt on it and its cleaning.

Covering radomes are created from a variety of materials. They can be fiberglass fabrics, as well as Teflon (coatings made of polytetrafluoroethylene - PTFE). It is possible to install heating systems in the radomes. However, because they are heavy, use a lot of energy, interfere with radar and have a low thermal conductivity coefficient, they are not placed in the skeleton of the dome. Due to the mentioned risks, some parts of the device should be installed far from the radar.